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10 Excellent Reasons For NRIs To Invest In Mysore

NRI Invest in Mysore

The real estate sector in India is growing in terms of reliability, thanks to laws like RERA that protect buyers and, in a way, standardize processes for developers.

Due to the above-mentioned fact, those looking to invest in the real estate sector in India are feeling more assured than ever. NRIs are also caught up on the advancements and are finding real estate investment more reliable in India.

10 Excellent Reasons For NRIs To Invest In Mysore

1. Market for real estate

India is a real estate investment hotspot in the world. The market for real estate sector in India is huge.

2. Simple process to verify information  

Most processes like checking RERA registration can be done from anywhere at the click of a button, on RERA Karnataka.

3. If investing in vacant land

The type of land can be check on Dishank app when they can visit the same.

4. ROI  

Although India is a developing country, it is quickly advancing in terms of infrastructure, standard of living, employment opportunities, etc. This means that India will soon be popular in terms of demand for properties, which in turn promises a better return on investment (ROI) when you invest in Mysore. People look for ROI in anything they invest in, real estate being no different.

5. Future investment

Most NRIs are settled in other countries for at least a few years and consider real estate investment in India as a future investment. They will have a sense of security if they want to move back to India sometime in the future.

6. Multiple choices 

India being a populous country has its cities categorized into tiers based on head count and infrastructure. Depending on the type of property, NRIs can choose from a huge number of cities to invest in. There are also flats, independent houses and multiple commercial properties to choose from when you want to invest in Mysore.

7. Quality  

After options of cities, once Mysore is chosen, there are luxury (villas) as well as affordable flats and houses to choose from, as per their needs.

8. Investment for family  

Some NRIs are even looking to invest in India for family members including older and the younger generation. For younger generation, it could be a future security investment and for the older generation, it could be a security investment for the present.

9. Affordability  

Most NRIs would have relocated out of India to make more money (considering foreign exchange in currency). Given this possibility, NRIs would mostly be able to afford any property in Tier 1 cities. Another reason could be that they are used to a better standard of living and Tier 1 cities provide the highest standard of living in the country. Investing in the real estate sector in India, particularly when you invest in Mysore, a Tier 2 city, will still prove more affordable to them as compared to making a living in a fully developed country.

10. RERA protection  

The RERA law provides protection to the buyer as it forces developers to keep transactions related to each project completely transparent. The RERA act was passed in India in 2016.

 Tier 1 cities and metro cities are more expensive while Tier 2 cities are more affordable while providing a decent standard of living, although only second to Tier 1 cities. The difference is in terms of air or rail connectivity, infrastructure, employment opportunities, etc. making it a great choice to invest in Mysore.

Karnataka is a peaceful state in India and consists of many beautiful cities that are also strong in terms of tourism, employment and intelligence. The Mysore real estate sector is one of the most considered real estate investments in Karnataka. Mysore is a Tier 1 city with a rich culture and its wide offerings at an affordable cost of living make it a smart move to buy land in Mysore. Mysore real estate comes under RERA Karnataka. It is also a great city for start-ups as IT companies are fast rising in Mysore, which is also very close to the IT hub of India, Bangalore (currently about 3 hours of drive on road; a 10-lane highway is under construction to reduce the travel time to just 90 minutes).

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