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5 Best Ways To Utilise Land In Mysore

5 Best Ways to utilize land in Mysore

Real estate investment is a huge decision and people plan many years in advance to make that happen. It is also a lifetime investment for a majority of investors.

Real estate in India has had it’s share of ups and downs but it is finally seeing a good market post COVID-19. Mysore is a Tier 2 city in India and buying land in Mysore is a fool-proof way to invest in real estate.

Mysore is close to Bangalore, the IT hub of India and is just about three hours away via road. The Tier 2 city offers a good quality of living than any metro city yet offers many benefits at a much affordable price. Mysore real estate is growing quickly as Mysore offers vacant land for investors which most metro cities cannot.

Mysore is also known for its heritage, well-connected roads and a good public transportation system. This is why it is a great idea to invest in land in Mysore, i.e. to buy plots or sites in Mysore. When it comes to real estate investment, buying land is almost always a better option than buying a ready house as the former offers multiple ways of utilising it.


5 Best Ways To Utilise Land In Mysore

1. Future investment

If you run low on time, buying land in Mysore for future investment can serve to be a boon. You will not be required to spend much time or effort in maintaining a piece of land as it can be retained as it is. You can utilise it for any purpose anytime you want.

2. Build a house

You can build a house either to live in it, rent it out or lease it out. You can always settle down when you are ready to.

Owning land in Mysore also means that you can build your dream house just the way you want and not settle for buying an existing house that does not really fulfil your unique and customised needs.

When you buy a RERA-approved land in Mysore, you don’t have to worry about how genuine the property is. RERA registration number can be verified anytime, on RERA Karnataka’s official website.

3. Build a commercial building

You can build a commercial building of any size. Depending on the area, commercial buildings can fetch you a lot of rent. You can even run your own business in the same building. Shared spaces are a hit in modern times; bigger buildings can thus be put at their optimal use.

4. Solar energy harvesting

With non-renewable sources of energy almost exhausted in the world, we have learnt the importance of using renewable resources. In a tropical region like India, sun is found in abundance and thus solar panels can be set up on any dedicated land in Mysore to convert it to electricity. Solar energy harvesting is slowly gaining recognition in India.

5. For resale

You can use a piece of land for many years for agriculture, farming, camping, energy conversion and more. Once you feel like you no longer have use of that land for any reason, you can resell it at a good price. A higher reselling price is almost guaranteed as land is a property whose value increases over time. If you have built a house or any other building, you can even sell it out at a greater price after years of using the building to its optimal best. Resale price value of land in Mysore is high.

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