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5 Healthy Amenities To Consider For Your Future Residence

Healthy Amenities To Consider For Your Future Residence

A home is a place where one must feel safe and comfortable. With advance in technology and also thoughts of people, the definition of comfort has change with time.

When investing in residential real estate in Mysore, the first thing anyone looks for are the amenities. As for the infrastructure, Mysore is seeing a rapid growth just as it is also seeing fast urbanization. The number of companies in every industry have gone exponentially higher than just a few years ago. With improving standard of living at a still affordable cost of living for most people, Mysore is a real estate hotspot and the fact is not at all surprising.

Whether you already own a house, or are living in a rented space but looking to invest in residential property sometime in the near future, consider these amenities.

5 Healthy Amenities To Consider For Your Future Residence

1. Walking tracks

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown forced people into their homes, they had to spend most of their time indoors. While the importance of good health became better known, they had to find ways to improve health at home, even if that meant exercising at homes. With walking tracks in residential properties offered by real estate in Mysore, one can keep up with exercising right from home. Walking is also proven to be one of the most effective exercises for people of all ages.

2. Home garden

A garden not only refreshes the mind but also provides fresh air when grown around the house. Many residential properties in real estate in Mysore, especially apartments, are filled with gardens to benefit residents. Starting a home garden in individual houses can also include growing own fruits and vegetables in the most organic way and thus have access to healthy and completely safe food produce.

3. Swimming pool

Swimming is a form of exercise that benefits every part of the body while swimmers also enjoy this form of physical activity. Many gated communities in real estate in Mysore offer swimming pools. In fact, even independent residential properties such as luxury villas have their own swimming pools. Apart from health benefits, this amenity even speaks volumes about luxury.

4. Space for relaxation

Despite having options like working from home, work pressure is almost never inevitable, which is why it is important to recharge mentally. Meditation, yoga, etc. are some great ways to unwind or just take a quick break from work. With a dedicated space for relaxation, properties in real estate in Mysore will be a complete package for real estate investors. As a matter of fact, even many MNCs have such spaces to help their employees recharge and in turn be more productive.

4. Sustainable elements

Sustainability is the top priority of the world in 2022 and this factor will only get stronger as time passes. Residential properties are expected to have one or more sustainable elements real estate in Mysore, it could be something as simple as solar-powered lights to something more rare such as sustainable or green buildings made using completely sustainable materials through sustainable methods (such as low water usage) or even waste materials (such as discarded plastics).

There are definitely many more amenities that may arise as the years pass by, but for 2022, these amenities are perhaps all the best ones needed for a comfortable living. As consumers are getting surer of what they want, properties are built to cater to their changing needs.

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