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8 Best Location Advantages Of Mysore Real Estate Investment

Mysore Real Estate Investment

Tier-1 cities in India provide a high standard of living and quality amenities but they offer these luxuries at a high cost of living.

India is a vastly populated country and its cities are classified into Tiers based on the amenities provided, standard of living, cost of living, infrastructure, connectivity (via road, air, water), etc.

Many people, especially working class, cannot afford to invest in Tier-1 cities and end up living in rented houses – flats or independent houses. The pricing of commercial real estate in these bigger Tier 1 cities and other metro cities is increasing sharply by the day.

Tier 2 cities are the best alternative if you are looking for a real estate investment in India. These cities offer above-average in terms of standard of living yet not as luxurious as Tier 1 cities, but real estate investment in Tier 2 cities is far more affordable. Most people also prefer investing in Tier 2 cities as they are seemingly growing fast.

Mysore is a Tier 2 city in south India that is gaining more popularity every passing year. It is filles with culture and is a tourism hotspot with its scenic tourist destinations and heritage buildings. Among Tier 2 cities, Mysore is one of the best options given its location; Mysore real estate is a good option in India.


Best Location Advantages Of Mysore Real Estate Investment

  1. Mysore is close to Bangalore, the IT hub of India. It is just 3 hours away via road and there are fast trains that transport from Mysore to Bangalore in an even shorter time. There is an upcoming ten-lane highway that is said to reduce the travel time to just 90 minutes.
  2. Being close to the IT hub of India, Mysore also hosts a multitude of IT companies. It is the next best city in terms of employment in the state of Karnataka. Mysore real estate is a promising investment for working classes and other classes alike.
  3. Mysore is not as famous as bigger cities and thus, the real estate sector in Mysore is not yet overly popular.
  4. Given the above point, it is safe to say that the same point is the reason why you still have many options to invest in Mysore for a vacant land if you want to buy land in Mysore. Just like Tier 1 cities, Mysore real estate also offers houses as well as flats and in a range of prices to fit every buyer’s budget.
  5. Like some famous cities, the pricing of properties in Mysore, whether you want to buy land in Mysore or invest in Mysore on a house or flat, depends on the area where you plan to invest.
  6. Unlike many other cities, Mysore offers multiple areas whether for residential purposes or commercial purposes. For example, Vijayanagara is said to be an excellent, calm residential area while Hebbal industrial area, as name implies, is an industrial area with many factories as well as some IT companies.
  7. The traffic rate is not as bad as compared to metro cities since the population in Mysore is comparatively a lot lesser too. Most people travel in their own vehicles but there is a good public transport system available too.
  8. Connectivity to other major cities as well as rural areas is nearly as best as it can get. The system is improvising every day to provide better services. Mysore also has its own domestic airport, making Mysore real estate a real estate hotspot in India.

Just remember to always check for RERA-approved properties when you decide to invest in Mysore as it is a mandate. Mysore real estate has been booming just as it’s start-ups are growing.  

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