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8 Practical Reasons To Buy Residential Plots In Mysore

Reasons To Buy Residential Plots In Mysore

Property investment has been a popular goal of many-a-common man in most parts of the world, India being no different.

If anything, the GoI gave more reasons for Indians to invest in properties with lower interest rate on home loads, stricter rules to ensure buyer protection, etc. Mysore is one of the most popular Tier 2 cities when it comes to real estate investment.

Mysore is the earliest city to have the best town-planning system dating back to centuries ago. The city is still well-planned and stands to retain its popularity as best suited for residence. The heritage city also offers quality education and attracts jobseekers with rapidly increasing number of companies – IT and others.


8 practical reasons to buy residential plots in Mysore


  1. Mysore is also considered as a great place to settle in, given the abundant employment opportunities, lower cost of living as compared to bigger cities along with a decent standard of living.
  2. Residential plots in Mysore are a huge hit as it is one of the cities that still offers vacant land. Mysore has both rural and urban land that are being developed at a fast pace. In a matter of just a few years, there will be many benefits along with the amenities that are already present.
  3. With multiple upcoming projects, both residential and commercial, Mysore provides many options when it comes to real estate investment. Unlike many other cities that leave little space for choices, Mysore does not force you to settle with what you get but offers to choose what you want.
  4. Mysore has a lower population as compared to many other cities, both Tier 1 and Tier 2, making the commute from one place to another smoother and faster. Most existing residential plots in Mysore are close to important places such as bus stations and railway stations. Newer residential projects, although not as close to such places, are still at a close vicinity to the domestic airport in Mysore. Mysore is thus expanding smartly even in terms of newer residential plots in Mysore.
  5. You can steer clear of any legal complications when you opt for MUDA-approved sites in Mysore. Also, RERA registration number is the biggest clue to research on any residential plots in Mysore that you plan to invest in. When researched on the official website of RERA Karnataka, you will get all required details about any property including the details about all (one or more) previous owners.
  6. Residential plots in Mysore can be looked up through online search; many websites provide a well-refined search with filters for property size, area in which it is located, amenities available for the property, price range, etc. This makes shortlisting or even choosing residential plots easier for the potential buyer.
  7. While Mysore has many old areas that serve perfectly as residential areas for the abundant surrounding greenery, convenience stores, well-connected roads, etc., newer areas of residential plots in Mysore are also a good option as most vacant plots in the city are quickly being sold out. When the ways to use a vacant land are considered, land is the type of property that is easily preferred over existing buildings.
  8. With residential plots, there is no value deterioration, but on the contrary, the value is always increasing. So, after using these plots for various purposes, if one plans to resell, they will easily gain profit.

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