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What We Do & How We Got Here

Started out low and now we are here. The growth has been phenomenal and so has been the learning curve

What we set out to do

Started in 1995, GSS Project Consultants Private Limited was established as a professional real estate company in Bangalore in 1997. Our goal was to create a win-win situation for all our customers through statutorily clear transactions and inculcating coherent business principles along with professionalism.

Having served a majority of clients from construction and real estate sector, we gained a fair amount of experience that enabled us to foray into the real estate sector as an ethical advisory company. In addition to that, we come equipped to provide end-to-end solutions to common people in the realty sector.

During 2004-2005, our research team found that there was a growing demand for properties in Mysore. This meant that there was a lot of hidden potential for real estate in the aforementioned city. As a result, we branched out to Mysore to extend our business in this city after realizing the scope for professional advisory services.

What we have learnt so far

Fast-forwarding to the present, GSS Projects specialize in developing and marketing of sites and plots in Mysore. We have completed a number of projects and with each one of them, we learnt and improvised ourselves in addition to upgrading our quality for the betterment of our customers as well as ourselves. Various builders, developers, real estate agents have extended their support to us and we have well-established connections in various government departments as well.

In conclusion, we have realized and understood the stress and pain that individual investors face in the real estate market pertaining to loans, documentation troubles, property possession etc., and have extended our services to them. We are always plugged-in about the market trends and the insecurities faced by potential investors, working round the clock to assist our clientele in avoiding and overcoming them and this is what has made our company’s name, GSS, a brand – Genuine, Safe & Secure.

Expert Realty Advisors Since 1997

GSS Projects has been a guiding lighthouse to innumerable people looking to buy or invest in sites and plots in Mysore. The company consists of an able and deft team of individuals who undertake all real estate activities and work towards our clients’ best interest. In addition to providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to real estate investment for all our customers, we offer genuine and exclusive properties in Mysore.

Our Financial Growth Schematic

Since our company’s establishment, our growth has been unbelievable with a lot of highs and lows in between.

1 %
2001 - 2004
1 %
2005 - 2008
1 %
2009 - 2012
1 %
2013 - 2016
1 %
2017 - 2020

Our Core Strength

Our journey of more than two and a half decades in real estate sector has given us plenty of experience. Consequently, we have evolved and bettered ourselves at layout development, property marketing and consulting, joint ventures and turnkey projects.

Layout Development
Marketing & Consultancy
Turnkey Projects & Joint Ventures

Where We Aim To Be

GSS Projects is one of the leading real estate companies in and around Mysore. With over 25 years of experience in real estate sector, we have had our fair share of ups and downs. Every project has taught us invaluable lessons which have shaped us to be better.

Now that we have accumulated the required knowledge and experience, we would like to expand our services to other cities and hopefully have a nation-wide influence on the real estate market in the near future.


Our goal is to be the best realtor in and around Mysore. In order to achieve the same, we are in pursuit of excellence and toiling to improve our diligence, gaining experience and delivering satisfaction to our customers along the way.


We are constantly seeking to earn our customers’ trust by diligently working to help them find their suitable choice of property at a price that is affordable and at a location that is satisfactory for them.

Board of Directors

GSS Projects is the brain child of two brothers, who have toiled their life into building this company

Srihari Dwarkanath

Srihari Dwarkanath

Managing Director

Mr. Srihari Dwarkanath served as a banker in a nationalized bank for more than 10 years until he started working in private sector 25 years ago. He has specializations in the fields of financial management, marketing and public relations. Furthermore, he has exemplary skills in real estate and hospitality.

Sriram Dwarkanath

Sriram Dwarkanath

Executive Director

Mr. Sriram Dwarkanath is a trained professional with a core expertise of more than 20 years in private sector. He specialises in project funding, public relations and marketing. Since the last 20 years, Mr. Sriram has been working in the field of real estate and his core area of expertise lies in the same.

Geetha Srihari

Geetha Srihari


Mrs. Geetha Srihari has been associated with working in private sector from the last 20 years. She has specialised skill sets in private company administration, having worked in the private ownership for the past 2 decades. Her expertise lies in project management and real estate.

Karthi Sriram

Karthi Sriram


Mrs. Karthi Sriram has a work experience of over 10 years, having worked in the private sector. Mrs. Karthi Sriram’s specialisations are administration and marketing, thanks to a decade of experience. Her core area of expertise lies in managing projects and in real estate sector.

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