Departmental Clearance

Documentation is a big and a long-drawn process that tends to stress out people who are inexperienced. Furthermore, the clearance of documentation and to give a go-ahead for the registration process is very cumbersome, to say the least. It requires the owner to have complete and detailed documents of the property, failing which, either of the parties have to undergo a painstaking process of rectification and obtaining a new set of documents.

At GSS, our aim is to make sure our clients do not face such issues. We make sure that the property documentation is up to date and if need be, we take care of additional document procurement and rectification on behalf of both the parties and ease their job. We have well-established connections in government offices and departments to get the job done, swiftly and efficiently.

Apart from the above, we also trace encumbrances if need be and keep a tab on the present status of the documentation process to constantly keep our clients informed and updated about the ongoing process. With the best intention of our client at our heats, we work diligently to make life easier for them.

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