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What Are The Best Locations To Invest In Mysore In 2024?

Best Locations To Invest In Mysore Karnataka

Mysore is one of the fastest-growing cities in India and is categorized as a Tier 2 city. For the past few years, it has consistently shown great potential in terms of growth.

The population count has gone up quite significantly but Mysore is still considered a peaceful city with a bunch of other benefits over most other cities in India, making it smart for real estate investors to invest in Mysore. Although it is close to Bangalore – the IT hub of India, the city itself is home to various IT companies. While Mysore has long been famous as the best city to settle in after retirement, it is now the best city to invest in for many reasons.

In Mysore, while both residential real estate and commercial real estate have picked up quite notably, there are some locations that certainly steal the limelight.

What Are The Best Locations For One To Invest In Mysore In 2024?


In Mysore, Vijayanagar is one of the largest areas and it is divided into many stages. While stage 1, stage 2, and even stage 3 are almost fully developed, stage 4 is rapidly developing as well, making the last one a great location option to invest in Mysore.

Vijayanagar is close to various important locations such as the city, making the commute time for commuters much shorter. The area has a host of refreshment spots such as cafes and is host to many reputable educational institutions. Being a developed location, property options are many that also include luxury properties.


Yadavagiri is one of the oldest areas in Mysore and is well known for its peaceful surroundings regardless of what part you wish to invest in Mysore in this location. Being a residential hotspot, not only is the area great to live in, but properties here fetch a good rent amount to homeowners to serve as a good source of income, thereby assuring quicker ROI.

Yadavgiri includes various popular medical institutions, educational institutions, eateries, parks, and much more. It is also very close to the heart of the city as well as other popular locations.


Gokulam is another calm area that is currently a hotspot for foreigners to stay during their visits, the reason for this being that Gokulam is a vibrant area filled with cozy cafes, beautiful homes of many sizes, and other entertainment buildings. Despite being an old area in theory, Gokulam is considered a modern area that is best suitable for a higher living standard in Mysore.

Just like any popular area, owning a property in Gokulam can also serve as a source of income when the property is rented out. So, before you invest in Mysore, make sure to keep Gokulam in mind!

Bannur road

Bannur road is an area that has many educational institutions but its importance in real estate has been hiked only recently. As a developing area, it has more potential for growth, and now would be the right time to consider Bannur road to invest in Mysore.

From newer residential projects to properties that are ready to move in, there are many property options on Bannur road. Although the location of this area may seem like the outskirts of Mysore, Bannur road is actually quite close to the city and is located in close proximity to important places such as medical institutions.

It is always a good idea to plan site visits before purchasing any property and opting for an experienced real estate consultant may even get you access to the best deals.

Your search for a reliable real estate consultant in Mysore ends at GSS Projects! The company has been around since 1995 and has made great progress in the field of real estate. Contact us for help from an expert team to assist you if you plan to invest in Mysore.

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