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Corporate Social Responsibility

We Give As We Take

At GSS Projects, we strongly believe in making this society a better place. While a part of it can be achieved by ethical business practices, the rest is being done by contributing to the society actively through welfare initiatives and philanthropic services. This constant effort is being pursued through a registered trust in the name of GSS Yogic Research Foundation (GSS YRF). Through GSS YRF, we have efficiently tried to uphold and propagate communal harmony and national integrity since the establishment of GSS YRF in 2011.

Corporate Social Responsibility Why Real Estate Investment Is Smart Investment

Salient Programs To Provide Support To The Needy


GSS Projects has created a wealth bank to provide food and other basic necessities for orphanages in and around Mysuru throughout the year.


GSS Projects diverts a portion of its profits every year to a stockpile to identify and encourage young minds to learn by providing study materials.


GSS Projects has a dedicated corpus fund that can combat rising medical and healthcare costs and assist in medical provisions for the deprived.

Nothing Is Too Much, Everything Is Too Little!

Combatting society's problems requires sheer willpower and pure intentions, along with monetary support. Volunteering opportunities are aplenty with us, help in any manner is always welcome. Click below to learn how you could be a part of our efforts.

A Brief Insight Into A Few Of Our Initiatives

Kodagu Flood Relief Corporate Social Responsibility

Kodagu Flood Relief

YRF immediately organised relief supplies and rushed to their help, obviously with the help of general public and their generous contribution

Kerala Flood Relief Corporate Social Responsibility

Kerala Flood Relief

The entire state of Kerala District of Karnataka suffered a deluge during the rainy season of 2018. Every citizen contributed without paying heed to any divisional factors.

Swachch Mysuru

Swachch Mysuru

The organisation undertook cleaning activities all over the city in the month of January. With no regards to caste, creed or religion, the organisation worked together with other people and helped clean the city of all waste.

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation Camp was held at the office of YRF in the hopes that people realize that all differences between us are made by ourselves and we are the same from within.

Voting Awareness CSR

Voting Awareness

YRF has been very active in raising awareness for the betterment of the society and the nation. The organisation took to the streets of the city to raise awareness about voting and its implications when neglected.

Balishta Bharatha

Balishta Bharatha

YRF undertook a rally and visited many schools to propagate patriotism and national integrity. The participating schools were – Kanagiri School and Bhanumaya School among others.

E-City E-Nation CSR

E-City E-Nation

The organisation was involved in educating people of Mysuru about conducting and engaging in electronic cash transfers during November 2016 to January 2017.

Yoga Dasara Walkathon CSR

Yoga Dasara Walkathon

A huge gathering on the occasion of Dasara festival was held in September. The walkathon event raised awareness regarding the benefits of yoga and also explained why the discipline was not limited for any religion or community.

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan

The grandest Raksha Bandhan event yet, organised by YRF witnessed a huge turnout of students, teachers, moulvis, padres etc. People of different religions mingled and celebrated the day of siblings.

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