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Karnataka’s Dishank App To Curb Fraud In Real Estate

Dishank App

Dishank App

Vacant land, or land in general is a popular choice for those who wish to invest in Karnataka real estate and almost any other place in India.

When you have invested in so much of time and effort in saving up for a real estate investment, it is best to be smart about the legal procedure. This will ensure that you avoid any future legal issues concerning land ownership or any other.

To keep a strong tab on real estate, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) was brought into the picture by the Government of India. The RERA Act was passed in 2016 with the main goal of bringing in transparency in existing real estate projects and ensuring the same for all future projects. RERA rules are different for different states of India (although all states have not yet implemented RERA). RERA Karnataka is the authority that Mysore real estate comes under.

Over the years, India as a country has seen many fraudulent activities carried out in the real estate sector by cons artists portraying to be agents or owners of a fake property. It could also be carried out by someone who claims to be the owner of a real property but they are in fact not the rightful owner. There are many other ways that people have violated rules in order to gain profit illegally through real estate. Therefore it is important to check all the legal documents and verify whether the property is genuine before making a purchase.

The Government of Karnataka introduced Dishank app (Dishaank app or Dishank (SSLR) app where SSLR stands for Survey Settlement and Land Records) to avoid fraudulent real estate purchases, sales or related transactions in Karnataka real estate. The app was launched in 2018 for use by those interested in buying land in Karnataka.

How does Dishank app avoid real estate fraud?

  • The app takes into account the 1960 survey maps to provide accurate information about the relevant land to provide accurate survey number and other information. It is reliable even in remote areas.
  • The real estate app shows you the survey number of your location i.e., the land that you wish to know the details of.
  • The app shows you the type of land that it is – whether it is road, government land (owned or leased by the government), rajakaluve (prone to storms), gomala land (meant for agriculture/animal pastures), kharab land (unfit for agriculture), etc.
  • Through Dishank app, you can even verify whether the site number and survey number on your Khata certificate are genuine or even valid.

Dishank app (Dishaank (SSLR)) is available for free download (as of 2021) on both Google Play Store (for Google’s Android OS users) and App Store (for Apple’s iOS users).

Real estate investment is one of the very few investments that gives the assurance of a high resale value. When you buy land, you hardly need to maintain it unless you are using it for agricultural or construction purposes. The future investment is even ideal for those who do not plan to use it immediately for any purpose.

Learning about the survey number helps you identify whether the property (land) is genuine. Learning about the type of land will act as the major factor for you to decide if it fits your needs, and more importantly, if it is worth anything.

It is undoubtedly a smart move to invest in Mysore real estate as the Tier-2 city is quickly growing in terms of infrastructure and employment opportunities while still accounting for low pollution levels.

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