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What is DTCP? When and why should you buy DTCP approved sites in Mysore?

DTCP approved plots in Mysore are a safe investment

It comes as no surprise that Mysore has been in the spotlight in Indian real estate market space for quite some time now. Consequently, investors across the nation and some NRIs have expressed their intent on investing in sites and plots in Mysore. In addition to that, Mysore is only 150 kilometres away from Bangalore. This makes it more convenient for people to choose this city over the more saturated metropolitan capital of Karnataka. Are you a potential real estate investor? Are you planning to buy a site and build a house? If yes, then you need to know the basic classification of residential sites.

Classification of Residential Sites or Plots

  • Residential sites within the city limits that is allotted and governed by MUDA (Mysore Urban Development Authority).
  • Sites developed under private developers in specific areas apart from residential areas, but in accord with MUDA rules and regulations.
  • Plots and sites developed outside the city limits or MUDA jurisdiction, which fall under the jurisdiction of DTCP and require its approval.

With that being clearly stated, you might have heard people talk about DTCP approved sites in Mysore. DTCP Mysore has a much wider and larger jurisdiction than MUDA in Mysore. If you are interested in buying sites or plots outside the city limits, you need to remember one thing. Properties that do not come under MUDA jurisdiction need to have an approval for development from DTCP. So, what exactly is DTCP? Take a look.

What is DTCP? What are its functions?

Directorate of Town & Country Planning (DTCP) is a government body in Mysore. The organisation plans and provides technical support for other government bodies with respect to the development of cities, towns and villages. The functions of DTCP are –

  • Conducting surveys, both physical and socio-economical. It is also responsible for preparing master plans for the development of cities, towns and villages and obtaining approval from the state government for the same.
  • Preparation of socio and civic schemes such as town extension, development and improvement, rehabilitation, ashraya schemes etc.
  • Offering technical assistance to Karnataka State Town and Country Planning Board. Besides, DTCP also assists the Urban Development Authorities in plan preparation, implementation and enforcement under KTCP act of 1961.
  • Assisting other government bodies like Housing Board, Industrial Areas Development Board and Slum Clearance Board among others.
  • Approving design of layout plans for private organisations, individuals and government bodies.
  • Providing an opinion on the conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural land for other purposes to the Revenue Department.
  • Devising safe traffic management systems, systematically and efficiently.
  • Preparing guidelines for the conservation of heritage precincts and formation of heritage regulations.

Preparing guidelines for the conservation of heritage precincts and formation of heritage regulations.

Why buy DTCP approved plots in Mysore?

Ever since the real estate boom began, real estate prices in Mysore have skyrocketed on an unimaginable level. Due to this, the return on investments have been exceedingly good for the investors. Consequently, the demand for MUDA sites has escalated unimaginably. As a result, the affordability has crossed beyond boundaries for a beginner real estate investor. In turn, this has led people with shallow pockets to look for modest and more budget-friendly options. Some of them are DTCP approved plots or sites on the outskirts of the city (properties that are beyond MUDA’s jurisdiction).

This cost-effective investment option might seem profitable for the uninitiated. That being said, there are vicious people in the real estate sector. Beware, they tend to take advantage of this scenario and try to sell off properties that are not approved by DTCP. When a property lacks DTCP approval, it has no right to be legally claimed by any individual. In such cases, the buyer might end up facing legal prosecution under various circumstances.

Importance of DTCP approved plots in Mysore

On the other hand, DTCP approved plots in Mysore are a safe investment because they possess proper paperwork and the necessary documentation that proves its legality. A notable thing that needs a special mention here is that DTCP issues a specific number for each real estate project they approve. With that number, people can approach the office and verify the approval of the project. This acts as a verification measure to avoid fraudulent construction of any property. Any investor or buyer should be aware of this before trying his/her luck at real estate.


If you have a tight budget and wish to purchase or invest in a property on the outskirts of the city, always ensure that you buy DTCP approved sites in Mysore. For best buying options in and around the city, contact GSS Project Consultants.

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