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Why Should You Link Aadhar For Property Registration?

Link Aadhar For Property Registration

Buying a property in Mysore is a dream for many people including NRIs, thanks to the multiple benefits that the city has to offer. Moreover, being a Tier 2 city, property in Mysore is also still affordable while vacant land in most other urban cities are nearly exhausted.

Mysore is a small city but must not be underestimated in any way. The heritage city is one of the oldest cities to have a town planning system, which dates back to many centuries ago. It is also home to the oldest and most reputed educational institutions and still stands to be one of the top options to reside in.

In a matter of just a few years, the price of property in Mysore is believe to skyrocket just like other bigger Tier 1 metro cities. This gives all the more reasons to invest in Mysore right now, before nearly all properties become unaffordable. Both residential real estate and commercial real estate are in high demand in the rapidly yet smartly urbanising city in India.

For properties like vacant land, there is no pressure to utilise it right away and can thus turn into a great form of future investment. No matter when you plan to invest in property in Mysore, always remember to link Aadhar for registration of the property.

Why should you link Aadhar for property registration?

Aadhar currently serves as the unique identification number for every citizen of India. It can widely be used as sole valid address proof wherever necessary. As Aadhar is the unique identification number, the GoI has made it mandatory to be linked with all important elements such as bank accounts, pension funds, insurances, etc. The issued Aadhar card for each citizen represents them everywhere. Soon, the government also plans to make linking Aadhar for property registration mandatory.

Since Aadhar is mandatory everywhere, it is not surprising that it is for the benefit of the investor to link Aadhar for property registration. This not only simplifies the process of registration of property in Mysore, it also avoids any legal discrepancies related to identification of the investor (owner). As a result, no matter how many properties a citizen owns, they will be accessible under a central system. Due to these reasons, Aadhar linking is highly advisable for property registration. There was a time when Aadhar was made mandatory for every citizen. For some reason if one still does not own an Aadhar card, it is high time to apply for the same. In an instance where one only has e-Aadhar (electronic copy of Aadhar but equally valid as a regular Aadhar card) and awaits a hard copy, they can use the same as the Aadhar number is unique.

Although it may seem like linking Aadhar anywhere is only for the government to keep a record of any citizen’s property investments, it is also beneficial for the investor as a proof of ownership of property in Mysore. Since identity proof is required at every stage of property registration, linking Aadhar will accelerate the whole process from registration to purchase. On the technical front, sub-registrar services are linked to Aadhar servers so the access to information is easier and the process is standardised. Linking Aadhar for property registration also makes all types of financial transactions that are involved in property investment hassle-free.

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