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Mysore: Easily The Safest And Best Place To Live In Karnataka

Best Place To Live In Karnataka

India is a developing country and has been so for many years and is definitely showing notable growth in different areas, especially technology.

There are many states that are considered the best to live in India and Karnataka is one of them. Among the best places to live in Karnataka itself, Mysore, a Tier-2 city that is developing rather quickly, holds a high position.

Mysore: Easily The Safest And Best Place To Live In Karnataka


For any resident anywhere in the country, safety is of utmost importance. Whether one lives alone or in a family with senior citizens and young children. Mysore has always been a safe city which is why people of all ages prefer to live in this city. It belongs to the cities that have the lowest crime rates in India. The traffic is also much lesser, making roads safer for traveling.

Cleanliness and surroundings

Mysore has one of the best town-planning systems in the country. Mysore has been voted as the cleanest city in the country more than once, which is proof enough to justify that Mysore is one of the cleanest places to live in Karnataka.

No matter where you visit Mysore, you will find pleasant surroundings either with beautiful heritage buildings, lush greenery, or well-planned residential areas. The fewer highly commercial areas are also well planned.


Mysore has pleasant weather throughout the year and promptly goes through all seasons as is natural. This makes it one of the most ideal places to live in Karnataka for people of all ages with extreme weather never being a challenging factor. The same reason also makes commuting within the city and outskirts quite easy, any time of the year. The city is also a popular tourist destination for tourists from around the world who visit in all seasons.

Facilities available

Although being a Tier-2 city, Mysore is one of the very places to live in Karnataka and in fact in the whole of India, which offers a good standard of living that is almost comparable to bigger Tier-1 cities. Mysore provides one of the best medical facilities, parks, entertainment, tourism and so much more for its residents as well as visitors who would require any of these. As for the commute, Mysore has a good public transportation system available in nearly every single area.

Affordable properties

Vacant land is no longer a widely available option for potential property investors, especially in bigger cities. However, Mysore belongs to the fewer places to live in Karnataka that offer plots for sale that too at affordable prices. The constant raise in the value of properties when it comes to real estate is no secret and this also means that investing in a city like Mysore is a great future investment. There are also many resellers of used properties like homes, giving the potential investor multiple investment options.

Job opportunities

Mysore is seeing a rapid growth of companies that belong to various industries, including IT. As a result, job opportunities are increasing and residents no longer need to look to settle in other promising cities to start a great career for themselves. With the affordable cost of living, Mysore ticks all marks of an all-inclusive city while encouraging the best ways for work-life balance. With the rapid growth in commercial real estate and the number of industries, the city even encourages businesses including start-ups.

With over 25 years of hands-on experience and the successful completion of more than 30 projects, GSS Projects is the best developer and consultant in Mysore, the city that occupies a top spot among the best places to live in Karnataka. Contact us for a consultation on investment in Mysore.

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