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Karnataka Might Be The First State In The Nation To Commence Semiconductor Production

Semiconductor Production

The country’s first semiconductor-microchip manufacturing plant in Mysore has made everybody turn their heads towards the city of palaces.  Many diplomats, specialists and other dignitaries from various walks of life have expressed their optimistic opinions regarding the same. This would bring in a humungous employment opportunity for the educated, talented and needy youth of today. Realizing the value of building the supply chain of electronic components out of India, Mysore has proudly placed itself on the Global Map and its significance being projected globally is a sheer joy and a sense of immense pride.

As stated by prominent people this initiative kick-started the Industrial Revolution, which emphasizes on minimal usage of natural resources. Almost 40% of the water is planned to be recycled for further usage. The city will be a leader in the production of electronic goods and will result in the lessening of imports from China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. The proposed plant is coming up near the indoor containment depot attached to the Indian Railways. This in addition will lead to the emergence of new electronic manufacturers producing varied consumer goods as the semiconductor production plant is in town. 

The nation’s first Semiconductor Production Plant is now in Mysore.

It was incumbent for the youth to leave the city in search of good careers and job opportunities. These new investments in industrial reforms have brought hope and would create almost 1500-15,000 direct and indirect jobs in and around. Trade promotion is the topmost priority of industrialization. The new initiative helps in the eradication of poverty. There will be a congregation of people from all walks of life immigrating towards the city in search of new opportunities.

Increased employment and increased production pave the way for the raising of per capita income. This encourages the improvement of Goss Domestic Product and Gross National Product, thus giving a major boost to the local economy. There will be changes noticed in the buying power of the people with increased standards of living. International Trade is well promoted and exports will see a significant rise. Electronic consumer products will be priced low for Indian consumers since there is a direct production source available in the country. This fosters technological progress and many technical advances which will help and also educate local crowds in many ways. Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, of the Mysore royal family has very much appreciated and applauded the initiative. ISMC (Indian Standard Medium Channel) has sought 150 acres of land near Kochanahalli Industrial Area (Tandavapura) to set up the plant near Mysore Airport.

The demand for the housing sector eventually increases and the real estate sector will progress tremendously. Development of new infrastructure and new facilities for public as well as private transport will be encouraged. New Community Settlements will commence and significant changes will happen in the demography of the region. There will be a hike in market prices, compared to that of the present-day trend. It is observed as a golden opportunity for investors seeking new investments to reap good returns. Many townships and gated community projects have been carefully planned, curated and launched in the same regard. GSS Projects, the city’s leading real estate company has plentiful approved projects near Tandavapura Industrial Estate which is certainly a boon for investors and people looking to build new homes. Contact GSS Projects today.

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