Plots for sale in Mysore: A few factors to consider before investing

Plots for sale in Mysore: A few factors to consider before investing

Plots for Sale in Mysore

Sites and plots for sale in Mysore are unbelievably in high demand ever since the prices of the same have gone up in Bangalore, a tier-1 city in the state of Karnataka. Situated at a distance of 150 kilometers from Bangalore, the real estate market in Mysore is witnessing a severe demand for properties. People from across the state, who wish to start investing in real estate, are particularly looking to invest in sites and plots in Mysore. This comes as a result of the real estate boom that our country is currently spectating, especially in tier-2 cities like Mysore.

In the last couple of years, Mysore has seen an increasing influx of immigrants owing to the birthing of several software companies and start-ups. While most people have started dubbing this city as the next IT hub of Karnataka, the main factor that is contributing to the infrastructure development of this city is the employment opportunities that have been created along with the inception of the said companies.

As a result, it has increased the demand for commercial as well as residential real estate in the city and more people have been pouring in their money on plots in Mysore which they intend to rent out after property construction. However, the main question that remains unanswered is about the return on investment (ROI). Is Mysore the best option for getting a good ROI?

Let us examine a few factors to find that out.

1. Location of the plot

As portrayed by many, investing in cheap plots in Mysore can bring about good returns, in the long run. But, people often forget that the pricing of the property also depends on its location. Further the location, cheaper the price of the plot which lessens the demand for it. Always ensure that you invest in a plot that is at a prime locality, close to schools, colleges, hospitals, companies, industries and public transits like bus stops etc. It is in these vicinities that the prices of real estate increase proportionately with passing time.

2. Financial calculations

If you are a new investor, you should keep in mind that handling finances is a headache. You should plan your investment budget before jumping the gun on a plot that you have taken a liking to. If you are hiring a real estate agent, know his commission margin so that your budget covers it as well. Remember to be very careful when a huge amount of money is at stake.

3. Verify the documentation

Needless to say, buying and selling real estate involves a lot of documentation. It tends to become tedious and requires a lot of time, from days to sometimes weeks. Verify the authenticity of the documents and paperwork before putting your signature on a paper. If you cannot do it, hire an external agency to do it for you. Failing to check the veracity of the paperwork might turn out to be the worst decision of your life. So make sure you stay on guard and do not give chances to unethical people to dupe you.


Since the demand for plots in Mysore is unusually high, people tend to go overboard in pushing properties that do not have any demand. Be careful of such people, measure the risks and take your decision. When it comes to real estate investment, think a thousand times before you act. If you are well aware of all such factors and are prepared to take the bold step of investing, GSS Projects offers you the best plots in Mysore for sale that fits in your budget and meets all your requirements as well.

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