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Can Real Estate Investment Be Better Than Gold Investment?

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If you are looking for short-term investments, there are many options but it is a different case if you are looking for long-term investments.

Long-term investments, although limited, provide financial security for your future. Real estate investment may be short-term or long-term depending on investor’s needs but given that it is a huge investment, most investors opt for long-term real estate investment. Investing in sites in Mysore is a good investment for the future since there is currently a high demand for properties in the city.

India is a country that has always seen a rich culture even in diversity and people from nearly every cultural background here adore gold jewellery. Thus, gold investment is popular in the country and is also believed to be a future security just like real estate investment. However, real estate investment in sites in Mysore or any other property has clear advantages over gold investment.

Can Real Estate Investment Be Better Than Gold Investment?

Even though both gold and real estate are tangible, properties definitely feel like a stronger investment at the first thought. Gold needs to be cared for in order to maintain its real value and its value highly depends on its purity. Sites in Mysore are a great investment in the real estate sector as land in general does not need much maintenance. Vacant land offers multiple ways in which it can be utilised, that too without a rush to start right away! Even if land is left untouched for many years, its value in the market still increases multi-fold times because such is the demand for land.

Being of very high value, gold needs to be protected in many ways. As the colour of gold can be imitated using various other cheaper metals, the rate of fraud in gold exchange, sale and resale is high. Moreover, the purity of gold can only be checked by professionals and even certificates issued at the time of purchase of gold can be misleading. The genuine factor of real estate properties such as sites in Mysore can be easily checked on official websites such as RERA Karnataka to get accurate details of any property.

In most cases, the resale value of gold low as the precious metal is prone to deterioration due to loss of weight with usage over many years. Although, the value of sites in Mysore is high and ROI is even higher, no matter how you use it. The resale value of land is very high as well, given the increasing demand-supply gap for land due to fast urbanisation.

Gold is also easily movable whereas property in real estate is immovable. This makes gold susceptible to theft which can never be the case with any real estate property. Depending on how you use sites in Mysore, they can generate profit and serve as a reliable source of income.

The prices of gold are soaring so much that one would rather save up for sometime longer and invest in real estate given the advantages stated above. Also, while gold attracts tax gains, real estate property can get many tax benefits, especially if property can be proven to need financial aid for valid reasons such as maintenance costs.

Comparing gold investment with real estate investment in this manner, one can conclude that real estate investment is far more beneficial when done right.

GSS Projects is a real estate consultant that has 25+ years of experience in the sector and is famous as the best and most reliable in Mysore. Contact us to get expert real estate services or if you want to invest in sites in Mysore.

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