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The State Of Real Estate In Post Pandemic Mysore

Real Estate In Post Pandemic Mysore

The real estate sector faced an unexpected shock when RERA act was passed in 2016 in India. Before the sector could breathe a sigh of relief after finally getting things in place as mandated by RERA, the COVID-19 global pandemic soon hit hard.

Despite all the ups and downs, interest shown by real estate investors in property in Mysore has always been popular, now more than ever. The Tier 2 city that provides various types of properties as options for real estate investment does so at affordable prices.

Tier 1 metro cities are quite expensive to live in, let alone invest in properties in such cities. For that matter, even renting properties in big cities is a challenge; properties are not just hard to search because they are nearly occupied to full capacity, they are also hard to afford given the demand.

The state of real estate in post pandemic Mysore

At the peak of COVID-19, i.e., the first wave in India, Mysore was one of the cities that faced many deaths due to the disease. The situation was so impactful that the city is still not fully cured from the pandemic. However, the biggest challenge that the real estate sector faced for property in Mysore is to frame an effective marketing strategy to reach to a vast number of potential real estate investors.

Digital marketing has been around for at least a decade now and is today the most effective marketing approach for nearly every industry. The real estate sector finally took to digital marketing around the time when strict lockdown was introduced throughout the country and even the world. Property in Mysore was advertised using digital marketing methods which turned out highly effective. Target audience actually preferred going through the images of properties online as advertised and found it rather easier than having to visit each and every property in Mysore that they shortlisted. Also, with advanced search, one can only look for properties in the area that they are interested in, and within their budget, saving a lot of time.

With advance in technology, if realtors can afford, the ads could even include a 360 degree-view of property in Mysore for an even more realistic feel. Given the outperforming digital strategies, they were carried on even post pandemic and are still given the same importance. While the GoI worked hard towards using technology to enable carrying out tasks related to buying or selling property in Mysore digitally during the pandemic, the said tasks were ready for real-time applications post pandemic.

Most professionals from IT or otherwise are now well-acquainted with the work-from-home culture that was forced onto a majority of workers during the lockdown. People thus spend most of their time at homes and this reason gave rise to even more people wanting to own property in Mysore while also make their dream of owning a house come true. If not for a house, they at least want to invest in vacant land which gives even more options on what do to with the property. Vacant land is perhaps the only type of property that will not face wear-an-tear with time; if anything, it’s only an increase in its value over time. Moreover, vacant land almost requires no maintenance at all and can be utilised in any way (agriculture, farming, construction, etc.) whenever you plan to in the future.

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