Refund Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance and clarity on customers’ liability for site/plot booking amount and the approach of GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd to cancellations and/or refunds, including how they will be calculated if customers change their choice of property, loan application rejection or withdraw their purchasing decision (for whatever reason), after initial booking has been completed.

This policy relates to the customers’ personal liability for booking amount, regardless of the source of funding. However, refunds hereunder relate only to the portion of the registration fee of the real estate property paid as advance amount to block the designated property and is paid by the customer only.

All requests for refunds or cancellations should be made in writing to GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd and will be considered only after approval.

Further, this policy may be changed from time to time and all refunds in booking amounts are entirely at the discretion of the management of GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Booking Amount

Booking amount is the token amount paid by the customer, either online or offline, to GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd in order to block a property of their choice. To book a property, a customer needs to pay GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd a sum amount of ₹25000, either online or directly to the company.

Cancellation Policy

GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd has a defined cancellation policy that applies to all our existing and new customers. All customers who have paid the booking amount to freeze their choice of property are eligible to cancel their booking under certain conditions and criteria that are listed below:

  1. Successful cancellation of booking does not guarantee 100% refund of the booking amount. Please refer the refund policy for more details.
  2. In most cases, cancellation of booking shall incur cancellation charges which amounts to 50% of the booking amount.
  3. Rejection of loan from banking and financial institutions automatically leads to booking cancellation.
  4. Customers, at any given point in time, can cancel their booking before registration provided that they pay the charges thus incurred.

Refund Policy

Refund policy at GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd defines how much of the booking amount can be refunded to the customer after successful cancellation of his/her property booking. Refunds does not always mean a reimbursement of the total booking amount and are guided by conditions that are as follows:

  1. Customers whose loans have been rejected by banks shall be entitled to receive 100% of their booking amount as refund.
  2. Customers who have a medical emergency in their family or self can claim 100% of the booking amount as refund, provided that they submit relevant medical certificates to prove the same.
  3. Customers who change their decisions due to reasons not stated in the above-mentioned points shall receive a maximum of 50% of the booking amount as refund.
  4. After successful application for refunds, GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd requires a minimum of 7 working days to process the same.
  5. GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd processes refund in the same mode as the mode of payment of booking amount or as mutually agreed by both the customer and GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd.

Initiating Cancellation/Refunds

To initiate cancellation of booking and refunds for the same, please contact the company representative. You could also write to us at [email protected] requesting for a cancellation/refund.


GSS Project Consultants Pvt Ltd enforces cancellation charges to ensure unnecessary blocking of properties, thus enabling a smooth sale of properties to all our customers. These cancellation charges are not meant to substantiate any income to the company.

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