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4 Important factors to consider before buying any ongoing residential projects in Mysore

Residential Projects In Mysore

Residential Projects In Mysore

Mysore is one of South India’s most famous tourist destinations. The city is famous for its sweets, sandalwood, silk and its rich cultural heritage. With wide roads and plenty of greenery in and around the city, Mysore is a dream city for many. It is also the same reason that makes it an abode for living a retired life. Very recently, Mysore has made it to the list of smart cities of India. This has propelled it to the limelight. These factors have contributed to the development of the real estate market in Mysore. As a result, numerous ongoing residential projects in Mysore have taken birth lately.

Investors from across the globe have diverted their attention from tier-1 cities towards Mysore due to its growth spurt. Especially, residential projects in Mysore are generating a lot of investment, from both foreign nationals and NRIs. It is due to the fact that the city’s real estate sector might have a bright future. An additional factor to the increasing development of upcoming residential projects in Mysore is the birth of several established companies. For instance, companies like Infosys, L&T, Wipro, and also a few start-ups that have created a plethora of employment opportunities for people across the state and nation.

This development rate may seem attractive. And the investment options may seem hunky and dory for potential investors and customers looking to buy new residential projects in Mysore. But given the fact that real estate investment involves market risks, there are some factors considered before proceeding with the property purchase. Read on to find out.

1.Planning and Execution

A well-developed plan of action is crucial in setting both short-term and long-term goals for your investment. Planning is a must, be it for personal or business purposes. It helps strategize your finances well so that you are covered in case you face setbacks in the process. Planning also helps keep all your tasks and goal organized, ridding you of your financial stress. It goes without saying, planning is a total waste unless executed accordingly.

2.Property Location

Most ongoing and new residential projects, in any city for that matter, are usually built on the outskirts. This reduces the cost for you as well as the developer but also reduces the value of the property considerably. It might seem as though the locality is up and coming but nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to real estate. If taking risks is not your thing, it is advisable to shell out some extra money and buy a property inside the city. Because value almost never depreciates inside the city.

3. Document Verification

It is imperative that you check the documentation of the property before committing to anything, regardless of the type of investment. Any ongoing residential projects in Mysore should be approved by MUDA and DTCP. If not, it is advisable not to proceed further as they most certainly cause trouble legally in the future. Ask somebody in your connections to check the veracity of the documents, if you are unsure about it. This ensures your safety.

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4. Negotiation

Anything that is new in the market carries a hefty price tag. When it comes to real estate sector, the price tag increases beyond fathomable proportions. Real estate developers are exceptionally smart at overpricing any property because they know that the customers will eventually sit for negotiation. If you neglect to negotiate, you might end up paying more than the actual value of the property so be sure to remember it. Negotiating may help save some money. Be wise and negotiate responsibly.


Usually, people are overcome by emotions and happiness at the thought of purchasing a new property. However, you should remain calm before taking any crucial decisions for your own sake.

For prompt, honest and reliable real estate services, contact GSS Projects. If you are planning to invest in any ongoing residential projects in Mysore, they will help you find a suitable property.

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