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Simple Guide To Check Land Records In Karnataka

land in Mysore

Karnataka is a state in South India that is famous for its culture as well as technology. Bangalore, often referred to as the IT hub of India, is the capital of this state.

Mysore comes shortly after Bangalore in the number of IT companies and production of efficient software. Given that Mysore is one of the fastest growing cities in India, the prices of land in Mysore are bound to multiply in just a few years, if not already exhausted by then.

Regardless of the type of property you want to invest in Karnataka, it is important to check for land records before making a decision. Being fully informed about land records not only safeguards the investor from fraud but also clarifies all details regarding the property, avoiding any possible future legal complications. NRIs are also attracted to investing in land in Mysore given how quickly Mysore is transforming into a highly capable city with improving infrastructure as well.


Simple Guide To Check Land Records In Karnataka


Mysore is one of the fewer cities in India that still offers vacant land for investment and in 2021, such property is still affordable, but it definitely will not stay that way for long. Checking details of any property in Mysore has never been simpler since digitalisation of the real estate sector.

Land information in Karnataka can be checked by anyone, thanks to some official website portals and also apps that are owned by the government. As Mysore belongs to Karnataka, details of any property or land in Mysore can also be checked through these various official websites and apps.

Before digitalisation of property and land records, such information used to be stored manually, making it very time-consuming to retrieve any particular information of land in Mysore even in case of an emergency.

To enable digital access to land records, Karnataka government launched Bhoomi, an online portal for accessing information regarding Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop (RTC). In short, Bhoomi is a land record management system in Karnataka, thus also for land in Mysore. Since its launch in 2000, Bhoomi has come a long way to simplify the process and with better understanding of online systems, the portal is technologically improvised. The advance in technology has also resulted in the creation of Bhoomi app. So Bhoomi can be accessed on its official website or on the official app for Android or iOS.

Land Records In Karnataka

Steps to retrieve land records in Karnataka through Bhoomi:

Similarly, there are various other services on the official website to check Khata certificate, RTC mutation history (Bhoomi), and even dispute case reports, and much more for land in Mysore and the rest of Karnataka.

Digital records especially in real estate can deem to be powerful and effective for security of land ownership. At the same time, they are also proof of whether a property that one wishes to purchase is genuine as per the provided information by the seller. Any ongoing process regarding transfer of land, change of ownership, etc. can be initiated as well as tracked online in real time.

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