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The Rising Fame Of Gated Community Properties In Mysore

Gated Community Properties in Mysore

One of the main reasons of increasing crime rate in India is thought to be a high percentage of unemployment. While those who have been fortunate enough to be employed need to protect their hard-earned investments. This is where gated community properties in Mysore come into the picture.


Gated Communities 

Gated communities in India have had a rising demand since the past few decades. Such community properties in Mysore are a hit among real estate investors who plan to invest in a promising city like Mysore.

The Tier 2 city of Mysore is located in Karnataka state in South India. This city has seen a rise in the number of IT companies, industries, manufacturing units and more in the recent years.

Mysore is just a three-hour drive form Bangalore, the IT capital of India. No wonder it has been influenced by the IT culture and imbibed a higher quality of life on especially the working class of people. Despite these advantages, Mysore still offers a cheaper cost of living than Bangalore and most bigger cities in India while providing a much comparable standard of living. Not unlike many other cities in India, there are many areas available for real estate investment in properties – be it land, flat, house or commercial buildings.

Mysore being a hub of high employment opportunities is causing people from all over India to migrate to the city. Gated community properties in Mysore are preferred over any other type of property.


Main reasons for the rising fame of gated community properties in Mysore

  1. Most gated community properties in Mysore are located away from the heart of the city and thus away from chaos. These properties offer a more peaceful ambience and thus make a great choice for residential properties. At the same time, many gated communities in India are also close to companies which are located close-by, for the same reason. One can always choose from the many available properties.
  2. In the current age where the crime rate is increasing by the day, security is of utmost importance – not just in commercial properties, but also residential properties. This is one of the major reasons why people opt for gated communities in India. Most gated community properties in Mysore offer a good level of security (security guards, CCTVs, etc.) for families as well as for individuals living alone.
  3. Gated community properties in Mysore are more than just a resort-life feel to living. Most gated communities in India have their own commercial complexes, supportive communities, etc. Given this, people who live in these gated communities do not have to make extra trips just buy groceries. On an even more helpful level, medical clinics are also a part of these communities, giving residents early access to medical care.
  4. For any property, maintenance is mandatory. Most of the community properties in Mysore offer maintenance so residents do not have to break their head to look out for maintenance services elsewhere and all residents would be getting the same optimal level of maintenance services.
  5. Just as in the case of any other real estate investment in Mysore, investing in gated community properties in Mysore is a great future investment and promise a good ROI. Demand for such gated communities in India is predicted to increase multifold times. With demand, even the value of these properties increase, which in turn increases the re-selling price.

Keeping the above points in minds, it is easy to see why gated community properties in Mysore are preferred the most when it comes to real estate investment in Mysore.

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