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True Advantages Of Having Open Spaces In And Around Homes

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Urbanization is seen all over the world and most residents of the most urbanized cities such as Tier-1 cities in India are searching for more peace in their living spaces.

Mysore is a Tier-2 city that offers a decent standard of living that is comparable to any Tier-1 city but at a more affordable cost of living. Similarly, homes in Mysore are also currently more affordable in real estate while having a great future value.

There are many advantages one can benefit from, by having open spaces in as well as around homes in today’s busy lifestyle.

True advantages one can enjoy with open spaces in and around their homes

Relaxation space

Everyone has a different definition of relaxation and with open space in or around the house including the balcony, one can have a relaxation space in homes in Mysore.

Relaxation helps one refresh and turn more productive at work or otherwise. The same space can also be used for meditation, a practice that can help one think more clearly about anything.


An active lifestyle can only do so much for physical health, which is why exercise is of utmost importance. With extra space in homes in Mysore, exercising will no longer be based on going out. There are so many exercises that can be done even within a small space.

Exercise also has a significant impact on mental health and regular exercise or even exercising one time can show clear benefits in elevating the mood instantly.

Social gathering

With more people spending most of their time at workplaces rather than homes, social gatherings including family and friends may be hard to plan. However, having an open space in homes in Mysore such as a balcony or a terrace can encourage you to host social gatherings and also decorate the spaces to fit the vibe.

Gated communities such as apartments also offer large open spaces for bigger gatherings and these spaces can be utilized by residents for almost any purpose.

Home garden

The COVID-19 pandemic-induced lockdown taught people the importance of daily essentials that are required for survival, such as raw materials including vegetables. the same lockdown also helped people understand how important it is to make your house a home that is comfortable to live in.

Homes in Mysore and around the globe witnessed more residents trying to grow home gardens and use the grown produce for themselves. Not only is growing and maintaining a garden rejuvenating, but the grown produce is also as healthy as can be.

Activity space for kids

Kids need extracurricular activities other than just studying subjects, such as rejuvenating activities. Many homes in Mysore are converting small spaces into an activity zone for kids where they can also learn a lot.

Certain activities may also be messy, such as clay modeling, for which outdoors are perfect to clean up after.

Fresh air

Increasing pollution levels make fresh air limited and that is why one’s home needs to have a space that offers fresh air. Even a few plants in an open space in or around a home can make a huge difference and have a positive impact on the health of residents. While certain plants offer oxygen even at night, flowering plants add a lot of beauty to the space.

Inhaling fresh air can be highly beneficial in improving health and good health can get you prepared to give your best in every aspect and lead a more peaceful life.

If you plan to invest in homes in Mysore, going through a reliable real estate consultant makes your job simple. A reputed company like GSS Projects lets you take a relief breather throughout the process. Contact us to know where to start.

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