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Who Settles Home Loan When The Borrower Dies?

home loan in Mysore

Given the real estate market today, home loans are more accessible but they do come with their own set of conditions. In any case, home loans can make a potential property investor’s dream come true.

All is well until one acquires home loan in Mysore with a strong plan for repayment. But future is unpredictable and unforeseen incidents including death of the borrower may occur at any point of time.

Who Settles Home Loan When The Borrower Dies?

Death is an unfortunate event for not just the victim but also those around them including family, friends and professional acquaintances. However, it is inevitable and cannot be predicted before hand in a majority of cases unless it involves a known fatal medical condition.

Borrowers of home loan in Mysore are required to specify all details regarding their personal and professional lives emphasising on their financial situation. Based on this and the applicant’s credit score, loan providers decide whether the loan applicant could be trusted with a home loan. Most loan lenders also mandate mentioning a guarantor at the time of applying for a home loan.

Whether a person is going through times of success or burden, their immediate family members are closely affected. In case the person has borrowed home loan in Mysore, it is important that the family is aware of the details so they would not face a financial shock in the case of an untimely death of the said person; the loan guarantor or the loan co-applicant are the first individuals who would be responsible to repay the loan. In case there are no guarantors or co-applicants, legal heirs would be held responsible. In case none of the mentioned members are able to pay back the amount of the home loan in Mysore, the lender still approaches other family members and find out if any member is willing to take up the responsibility and claim the property. In case even that does not work, the lender turns to last resort, that is, reselling or auctioning off the concerned property.

With regard to home loan in Mysore, a home loan insurance provides protection to not only loan borrowers but also to loan lenders. While home borrowers may find it as an additional burden to pay premium, they must know that it is not any more expensive than other types of insurance – in fact, it may even be more affordable depending on the insurance provider and insurance plan. In case of untimely passing of loan borrower (note that death by suicide is not covered), the insurer pays back the loan to the loan provider.

For those who opt for home loan insurance for the borrowed home loan in Mysore, there are also other benefits. The insurer takes over repayment if the borrower suffers from:

  • Loss of job or unemployment
  • Critical illness
  • Permanent total disability

Since home loans are loan-term loans, property insurance could be a good idea when you can afford as it offers a range of benefits.

For first-time investors who wish to start safe, there are so many investment options available in real estate such as REITs, installment sites, etc. Once they get an ideal of how real estate works, they can move on to invest in bigger properties such as plots or even homes.

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