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This Is Why Corner Plots In Mysore Are More Expensive

Corner Plots In Mysore

Land is perhaps the type of property which has almost no cons. However, the location and amenities available for any plot or site make all the difference in demand and pricing.

Corner plots in Mysore are particularly more expensive to buy than any other plot or site in Mysore. At the same time, like most things that cost more but are totally worth it, corner plots too are, well, almost totally worth it. There certainly are one or two cons such as increased noise exposure due to being surrounded by road or open space, but there are certainly more pros than cons. We shall discuss the pros which are the reasons that make corner plots in Mysore an expensive property investment.

This Is Why Corner Plots In Mysore Are More Expensive

Vacant land in a developing country like India is rare to find as the country is also urbanizing at a fast pace. While this is a major factor that makes vacant land in general really expensive, this type of property in Tier 2 cities like Mysore are far more affordable than the same in Tier 1 metro cities where they are next to non-existent. The reason for this being that Tier 2 cities have far more scope for growth than Tier 1 cities that are already on top level in the country. In a few years into the future, these affordable properties in Tier 2 cities will no longer remain affordable, meaning that the sooner you invest in land in such cities, the better the deal financially and practically.

Given that the number of vehicles is increasing in every city in India by large numbers, parking space is a real issue. While commercial buildings such as malls, hospitals, restaurants, etc. offer parking for visitors, houses that are particularly built on smaller sites may find it difficult to include a wide parking area. The case with corner plots in Mysore is that they are adjacent to the road in at least two sides, as a result of which parking space is almost never an issue.

A drawback of plots of land that lie between two plots could be blocking view of road form the sides, assuming that the properties are built closely even though on legal terms. When it comes to corner plots in Mysore, the view of the road adjacent on multiple sides is clear and it can be looked upon from many spots from within the corner property. Another issue with closely built properties, which is quite a common sight especially in cities, is the blockage of natural light and ventilation due to the same reason. Corner plots allow ample ventilation as well as natural light into multiple spots in the property that is built on them. Investing in corner plots in Mysore in popular areas also helps first-time visitors locate your property without any difficulty!

Further emphasizing on light and ventilation, corner plots allow owners to get as creative as they can when it comes to designing a house on them and still have multiple well-lit and well-ventilated areas in the building. Growing beautiful creepers on these buildings also gives it a better look as they are not surrounded by other buildings that may close up that view or even result in the plants dying due to lack of sunlight.

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