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Why GSS Projects?

In Mysore, this is what we are known for!

From decades together, we have learnt one thing – to provide highest standard service at lowest possible cost


Top Quality Service

Most customers looking to invest in real estate are often left bewildered with hapless service from other companies. At GSS Projects, we commit ourselves to providing a superlative service to our customers at each milestone thereby easing the process for them.


Expert Team

Amateurs and rookies in real estate markets repeatedly misguide their customers for the sake of commission. We have a team of specialists at GSS Projects who genuinely care for our customers, who will give proper guidance and help them in making a suitable choice.


Market Best Price

Customers who are unaware of market pricing of the property they wish to buy may end up paying an exorbitant price. GSS Projects ensures that our clients are led in the right direction, informing them of the best price in the market so that they do not end up regretting later.


100% Satisfaction

At GSS Projects, our primary goal is to keep our customers happy and give them a sense of contentment. We promise to work in our customers’ best interests because we believe that our customers’ gratification is what gives us our bread and butter.

Unique Selling Point

Our USPs are what differs us from our competitors in the market, and also the features that define us

1. Well developed roads
2. Storm Water Drains (SWD) with rain water harvesting
3. Underground drainage lines connectivity to each site
4. Electricity and water supply connectivity to each site
5. Good parks with plenty of fruits and flower bearing, and medicinal plants
6. Gated community for all DTCP projects
7. Security is provided

All our projects is located in the finest localities.
1. Good Location
2. Road Access
3. Well connected transportation facilities

We are updated with all the payments and filing of returns of:​
1. Income Tax
2. GST
3. Professional Tax
4. ESI
5. Provident Fund (PF)

All the documents are legally vetted and cleared by:
1. In house legal experts
2. Legal advisers panel
3. Housing finance specialists

We give no chance to you to get into the trouble of non compliance of statutory reports as we ensure:
1. Change of land use
2. Conversion of land
3. Plan sanction by the authority
4. Clearances from CESC (Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation), KUWSDB (Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board)
5. Release order by the respective authority
6. Completion report by the concerned departments

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