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Why We Think You Should Invest In Mysore

Invest in Mysore

Mysore Real Estate

Mysore real estate is in high demand as the city is a real estate hotspot in Karnataka and even in India.

Mysore has a pleasant weather throughout the year and is a great place to live for the younger as well as the older generations. The city is more popular as ‘The Heritage City’ and is home to heritage building such as palaces. Many older buildings are still in use as government-related offices. Mysore is also a tourist favourite spot in India, especially during the season of world-famous cultural Dasara festival, nearly celebrated an entire month, when the whole city is beautifully decked up with lights.

There are many reasons why people choose to invest in Mysore in the form of properties, especially vacant land. Mysore is a small town but it has a vast area of rural as well as urban land. As on the employment front, Mysore is again buzzing by providing a lot of job opportunities to jobseekers, thanks to the growing number of companies.

Why we think you should invest in Mysore!

  1. For those who want to live in Bangalore but cannot afford it, Mysore is a great choice! The city provides a comparable standard of living at a more affordable price range. On this basis, GSS Projects suggests that you invest in Mysore for good. Also, Mysore is one of the promising cities that still has much vacant land to offer real estate investors. Mysore is also just three hours away (on road) from Bangalore, yet gives the latter a tough competition when it comes to job opportunities.
  2. There are many areas in Mysore perfect for residential or commercial purposes. You can choose to invest in Mysore in an area wholly based on your purpose of investment and your future plans with the property. Since the city has numerous renowned educational institutions too, it is also a great place for families with children. Mysore also provides good medical care and has many famous hospitals.
  3. GSS Projects stresses the importance of investing in vacant land over buying a building whether residential or commercial. One reason for this is that vacant land is scarce and you can secure a plot for future purposes when you invest in Mysore right now; this is also why land has a great resale value. Another reason is the multiple ways that you can utilise the land – rent out, farming, construct a house, etc. You can even choose to just let it be the way it is for years till you decide what to do with the property. Yet another reason is that land is not prone to wear-and-tear unlike buildings.
  4. Invest in Mysore despite your citizenship. As Mysore real estate is regulated very well, there is very little possibility of fraud, thanks to strict laws like RERA by RERA Karnataka. This mean that not just locals, but even NRIs can invest in Mysore without having to worry. Down payment to developers cannot be more than 10% of the total cost of the property. Also, the carpet area now includes every part of the property that is usable. The genuineness of a property can be checked on the official website of RERA by searching for the property’s unique (project-wise) RERA registration number.

Most people who have visited Mysore for tourism or temporarily for onsite job calls share to have fallen in love with the city in their first visit. Why not invest in Mysore to be a part of the city yourself?

GSS Projects is a pioneer in all aspects related to real estate and can help you get the best value for money. Contact us to get the best real estate consultancy services in Mysore.

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