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Bhoomi Software In Helping Curb Fraud In Real Estate

Bhoomi Software - Land for sale in Mysore

Mysore is one of the fastest growing cities in India and classifies as a Tier 2 city that offers a decent standard of living at an affordable cost.

While vacant land in most Tier 2 cities in India is nearly exhausted, only Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities still have land to offer to real estate investors. Land for sale in Mysore is thus highly in demand. Locals and NRIs alike are smart enough to find interest in investing in real estate in a promising city like Mysore that sees a bright future.

The GoI has taken numerous measures to curb fraud in real estate which impacts those who are looking to invest in land for sale in Mysore and other parts of India. Bhoomi software is one such measure.

Bhoomi Software In Helping Curb Fraud In Real Estate


Bhoomi project was launched back in 2002 in order to digitize the numerous land records that were no longer feasible to be stored in writing. These records were thus made accessible digitally. Of course, this was when technology in a developing country like India was not very advanced as it is now. This also meant that the solution was not optimal. The investment of most plots of land for sale in Mysore also depended on manually accessing property details before moving ahead. Since the project involved digitization, computer centres were made accessible by most parts of the country including rural.

Bhoomi software

The latest update of Bhoomi software came to light in 2022. This update allows records of multiple taluks to be accessed from any relevant office. The update gave rise to a central database system which allows changes to reflect as soon as they are made from any authorised electronic device. The space required for these records in just a few selected taluks itself may add up to 100 TB, showing the dire need of digital storage and handling of these records. When it comes to land for sale in Mysore or any property at all, digitization cuts down any possible fraud to a great extent, simply given that the process means all data is always recorded. Bhoomi software is now also integrated with Kaveri online services. Bhoomi software curbs fraud to a great extent as during mutation, the seller, the buyer and one or more witnesses get OTP on their official registered mobile numbers. Anyone can access the current status of mutation for land through Bhoomi, making the software efficient enough for any person who is involved with the said land property.

The government is trying its best to gather funds in order to improvise Bhoomi software in any way possible, in order to make it highly reliable in the long run. Land for sale in Mysore is like a hot cake that is waiting to be purchased. With so multiple policies for buyer protection, investing in Mysore is a secure form of investment.

Mysore is a land with rural and urban areas aplenty. Land for sale in Mysore, whether pre-owned or new from the government, is safe to invest in, as long as the buyer is careful. There are so many ways to ensure that a property is genuine such as through the RERA Karnataka website. Each and every property must compulsorily be registered under RERA and the allotted RERA registration number can be used to check all details related to the property.

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